Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mark Raidpere

Mark Raidpere
8th November - 9th December, 2006

In 2005 Raidpere was chosen to represent Estonia at the 51st Venice Biennale and his works, 10 Men and Shifting Focus, were considered by many to be amongst the most interesting works presented in the entire Biennale that year. Platform is keen to introduce these two impressive video works to Istanbul, the timing of which will coincide with the selection of works from Venice Biennale exhibition that takes place at Istanbul Modern. In addition Raidpere will show a new video work that has yet to be exhibited, making this the international premier.

10 Men, 2003

A feeling of vacillation and disturbance takes place in Raidpere’s work 10 Men. The artist filmed ten violent long-term male offenders in Tartu prison. He simply asked them how they wanted to be perceived in regard to their personality. The work is unscripted and set against a background of crackling music, reminiscent of a musical box. The prisoners sit posed, some show their tattoos, others are coy and some belligerent, it is the juxtaposition between their obvious masculinity and the empathy that the viewer feels for their situation that creates such tension in the work.

Shifting Focus, 2005

In what amounts to a feigned interview and apology to his mother, Raidpere deals with the complexities wrought by the transmutation of feeling(s) – that in turn change their form and nature. The elements of the supposedly half-phrased apologia, the preparatory connection as it were, are all pretence and posture. The scene is staged, the lighting set and what ensues at the opening work is the ironic and vain grooming of the artist’s hair in the lens of the camera. Shifting Focus reveals that a feeling allied to the mechanism of intention most often remains isolated and somehow untranslatable, and that the supposition of our shared feelings is largely a projection.

New Work
Andrey/Andris, 2006

Mark Raidpere, b. 1975, Tallinn, Estonia.
Raidpere has exhibited extensively in the last two years. In 2005 he represented Estonia in the Estonian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale. A publication marking the event titled Isolator was also very well received. In 2005 he also presented work in several group exhibitions including those at the Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn and at the Temple Bar Gallery in Dublin. In 1998 Raidpere was awarded the Annual Award of Estonian Cultural Endowment. Raidpere won the Hansabank Group Art Award in 2006.

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